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Eric Garner and Entrepreneurship In The Black Community

I think that the incidents involving Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and other Blacks, pinpoint a deep socioeconomic problem within the Black Community. Statistics show that, per capita, Blacks commit crime at a rate of up to 9 times any other race. I think this is a huge problem! This is leading to many more interactions between police officers (cops) and Blacks, thus leading to more chances of unfortunate outcomes for both sides. So, while the Law Enforcement needs to better train their cops, all of us, especially those like me in the Black Community, need to find more effective ways to lower our crime rates.
In addition, having myself served in the US Marine Corps, having a true appreciation for those who risk their lives to protect ours everyday, and having a strong understanding of what it means to respect authority, I think that most of the awful outcomes between Blacks and Police Offers could have been avoided if the Citizen, who was approached by Law Enforcement, would have not resisted or showed any form of disrespect. This is not to excuse any Police Abuse. This is to point out that a genuine respect for authority need to be instilled or re-instilled in many Black Men. After all, with a Crime Rate of 9 times the average per capita and with a Black-on-Black Crime Rate of 93%, Law Enforcement is overly-engaged in protecting Blacks from other Blacks. Fortunately, organizations like Urban Youth Alliance International and BronxConnect, which is a community-based and faith-based alternative-to-incarceration youth program focused around mentoring, are working hard to lower Black Crime Rates by instilling discipline and hard work; love and respect for authority into urban youth. To assist them in their efforts, please consider spreading the word about their good work, donating and giving back as it is the socially responsible thing to do.


What does this Black Crime Rate Issue have to do with a blog about Entrepreneurship and Economic Policies? For years, Black Unemployment Rates have been much higher than the average Unemployment Rate. When one considers the fact that the Democrat Party has had a stronghold on Inner-City Blacks for many years now, I and many in the Black Community are very concerned about how their Democrat Liberal Progressive Economic Policies have shackled many Inner-City Blacks to lives of dependency on government hand-outs due to a lack of jobs and opportunities in Black Communities. I think these are contributing factors to the very high crime rate per capita in Black Neighborhoods.
I’ve had several debates with my fellow Blacks about these issues and what I’ve found consistently is, though they don’t identify themselves as Conservatives or Republicans, they do agree that we need to create more jobs and opportunities in Black Communities by reducing taxes, especially Business (or Corporate) Taxes, and by reducing some Government Regulations. They agreed with me that they feel that all small businesses, especially Black Small Businesses, are being held back (or hindered and shackled) by regulations produced by Progressive Liberal Economic Policies from moving forward with growth in revenue, profit, and job-creation. Just imagine if Eric Garner was not being harassed by Law Enforcement for selling individual cigarettes from cases without tax stamps because he was unable to find adequate business, career or job opportunities to make a living for his family. This lack of opportunity within Black Communities caused by certain Liberal Economic Policies is a real tragedy that needs to be dealt with. The good news is there’s a Black Conservative Movement brewing in response to this Democrat Party Liberal Progressive Oppression against Black Communities. Please view the “Chicago Activists Unchained: Destroy Black Democrat Leadership” YouTube Video to learn more.

Erdley Wright,
Founder and CEO,
Board Treasurer, Urban Youth Alliance International

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  1. Milt says:

    Our problems, truly are, quite simple to solve: Kids shouldn’t be “taught” history… They should ONLY learn history… THE TRUE HISTORY!… I haven’t heard any talk, of that, for a GREAT, many years… Have you?… As you might notice, I DIDN’T emphasize “learn”: One should ALWAYS BE, SUSPICIOUS, of what one MIGHT HEAR…

  2. Dennis Davis says:

    I love your comments and analysis! They were right on point and very true!

  3. Derrell Holley says:

    Erdley, you’ve done another terrific blog with great insight!

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